A Thriving Future for Everyone

Lake View

Supporting Small Farmers

Food security is going to be one of the biggest issues in the future, with changing weather patterns making it harder to plant traditional crops. Small farmers are well positioned to provide food resiliency to local communities, and simultaneously slow climate change with sustainable agricultural practices. I will work to invest in family farmers, and assist them to transition to become more sustainable and resilient. I also support programs that educate young people and provide funding for land, to support young people who want to get started in farming. 


Cannabis and Hemp Legalization

These plants have been made illegal long enough. I am a supporter of personal liberty and the ability of an adult to make a decision for themselves.  Cannabis has proven itself to have many medicinal qualities and is far less dangerous than alcohol. Hemp and cannabis can help revitalize our economy, and increase tax revenue needed to tackle some of our biggest problems, especially here in West Virginia.  Hemp can be made into a great sustainable source for fuel, bioplastics, fabric, paper, and much more.


Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

West Virginia has faced the Opioid Epidemic for years. It has ravaged our communities, and little support has come at a federal level. It is time to get creative and begin allowing proven alternative and plant-based therapies for curing opioid addiction.  Further, we need to hold the pharmaceutical companies financially accountable for their role in this crisis, and have them pay for more adequate addiction treatment facilities and research.  We need to recognize addiction as a healthcare issue and treat it appropriately. 

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Education and a

Minimum Teacher Salary 

I support a complete revamp of our education system to focus on the individual and give kids more outside time! We need to pay teachers more as well as give them more freedom and autonomy in the class room.  Bernie Sanders has proposed a $60,000 minimum teacher salary and I support this as well.  We also need tuition-free higher education so that young people can get ahead without drowning in debt.  I support forgiving student loan debt. The federal government is making a huge amount of money by burdening young people with education debt. We must invest in our young people, understanding that they are our future.

Woman & Doctor

Universal Healthcare

There are over 30 million Americans lacking health insurance and healthcare coverage. Many families in West Virginia are drowning in medical debt.  In the richest country on earth, there is no reason that anyone should die from the lack of ability to pay for a drug or medical bill.  It's time that we join the rest of the developed world and prioritize healthcare as a right. I support a single payer system that will cut out the insurance companies as the middle man, which will save billions in overhead costs, so that we can focus on providing quality and preventative care to everyone.  I support increasing access to mental healthcare. I support women's access to healthcare and the right to medically safe abortions.


The Environment, Climate Change, and Clean Water

It is imperative that we leave a livable planet behind to future generations.  Young people are facing climate catastrophe in our lifetimes.  I will fight to pass strong climate action including the Green New Deal and strong protection for our water sources.  I will oppose fracking, pipelines, and the toxic Appalachian Storage Hub. Investment in the clean energy sector as well as hemp can regenerate West Virginia's economy with high quality green jobs.  By supporting ecotourism in Southern West Virginia, we can bring income into our communities, while preserving our land and water. 


Human rights

  I support LGBTQ rights, the rights of communities of color, and immigrant rights. I support racial justice and reforming systemic racism in government and law enforcement, while ending mass incarceration and the prison-industrial complex.

I support abolishing ICE and treating immigrants with respect and dignity. I support affordable and safe housing, rent control, and a living wage so that working families can avoid falling into poverty.  I support unions and workers rights to organize and seek better pay and conditions.   


Military and Veterans

I support paying our military personnel more, while cutting wasteful spending and private contractors.  I also support improving care for our veterans, including an expansion of mental healthcare coverage, and housing for homeless veterans.  I value the lives of our young people and will not send them to war unless absolutely necessary as a means of self defense and last resort. I will not support sending our troops to war for petty political purposes or profit.


Stop Political Corruption 

Washington is broken because of corporate influence and greed over our nation's politics. We have to get corporate money out of politics. It's time to end Citizens United and restrict corporations from buying elections.   We need a government that represents the will of the people, not big corporations.